Author: CROSSING THE LINE: a novel

Lynn Miller is the author of Crossing the Line, (2010) pp. ix-339, a tale of gay lives in Philadelphia today that are shaped by long-hidden family secrets from the 19th century. When Owen Gilroy sets out to help his adolescent grandson, Sam, come to terms with his sexuality, he is forced to examine his own life by exploring that of their ancestor, Hiram Milhouse, a leading 19th-century scientist. Many lines are crossed as the mystery unfolds and the past impacts the present.


Discoveries are triggered when Owen and his partner, Brock, buy an old house in Philadelphia that once was Hiram's. Owen is soon tested by an affair that threatens his household and nearly destroys his effort to help Sam through his coming-of-age trials. The older man's journey into the past, like his struggle to guide--then rescue--his grandson, reveals much about the changing shape of American society and gay life today. It illuminates the universality of human emotions through different times, despite distinctive social mores.


The story of Owen and Sam unfolds against the backdrop of 9/11, terrorism, the Iraq War and human cloning. Hiram's 19th-century world features a runaway slave, Darwinism, the Civil War, religion and Republicans. In the end, the secrets of the past have a profound influence on the lives of both Owen and his grandson.


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Artist: Paintings

Lynn Miller's Paintings

As a painter, Lynn Miller seeks to explore through visual means aspects of the world he studied as a humanist and social scientist (he is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Temple University). He explores in a vivid and painterly way what he imagines may underlie our experience of complex phenomena. He makes visual our ideas and sensations. He began as a landscape painter. Landscapes remain behind his work, which is increasingly abstract, with references both to the physical world and to states of mind. He seeks the dazzling visual moment, and to reveal aspects of our shared human experience. He views himself as principally a humanist in his approach to art, but one with an analytic bent.


This is "gestural painting, yet marked by painterly finesse and sensitive use of color . . . Lynn Miller favors an at-times-unnerving isolation of elements, then attempts to reconnect them with much vigor." Victoria Donohoe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 12, 2011, review of "Abstracted, Take Five," at Muse Gallery, Philadelphia.



Today's Poem

Earth Angels


          See how that white-hot planet, blazing bright,

          Has pierced the sable velvet of the sky

          So that another pinprick dot of light

          Beams through the punctured drape where angels fly!

          See how it shines among its neighbors there!

          They sparkle side by side as if, instead

          Of light-year distances apart, they share

          The ambit of a curtain's single thread.

          But wait! This planet moves from its last berth,

          Not circling like our world in unfelt flight

          About the sun, but, rising from our earth,

          Now pounds its way to Paris through the night.

              In flight, like splendid angel bands we are;

              On earth, we take an airplane for a star.